About Us

Castlereagh Fellowship came into existence in 1993. We are a group of ordinary people who have come to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Our lives have been transformed by the grace of God and we count it a great privilege to be in relationship with the true and living God. As people who have received the love and mercy of God we rejoice in God our Saviour and, by his help, are committed to living thankful lives that honour him.

Why do we exist?

Castlereagh Fellowship exists for a threefold purpose:

  • To praise and worship God
  • To encourage the growth of believers
  • To equip individuals to be a witness in the world

Our vision is to see God glorified through both adoration and service. We aim to build up the members of the Fellowship by encouraging them in their faith and we seek to make new disciples through our witness both locally and worldwide.

Leadership Team

Castlereagh Fellowship is led by three appointed elders:

Geoff McIlrath

Geoff helped found the fellowship over twenty years ago and has served in leadership from the beginning. He and his wife Michele have five grown-up sons. He has a passion for evangelism and seeing people understand the message of the Bible.

Patric Kells

Patric runs his own business as a landscape gardener. He has three grown-up daughters. He and his wife Jan are both interested in missions. Patric likes to use his practical skills on mission trips and has visited Colombia, Uganda and Poland on various occasions.

Nigel McIlrath

Nigel is the Treasurer of the fellowship as well as an elder. He taught at a local school for over twenty years. Nigel is a strong advocate for remembering our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas. He reminds us to support them prayerfully and practically.