Videos – Bible Teaching 2021

Key Salvation Concepts Part 12 – Election and Predestination

Nigel McIlrath concludes this series by looking at the topics of Election and Predestination as taught in the Books of Romans and Ephesians.

Exciting Times

Geoff McIlrath gives a summary of significant developments on the literature front as well as unveiling a reading project for the Fellowship and challenging us from Philippians Ch2 v 1-16.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 11 – Resurrection and Glorification

Nigel McIlrath continues this series with the two topics of Resurrection and Glorification.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 10 – Sanctification

Nigel McIlrath continues this series with the topic of Sanctification.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 9 – Adoption

Nigel McIlrath examines the Biblical teaching of Adoption.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 8 – Regeneration

Nigel McIlrath considers the concept of Regeneration.

God Is A Moral Monster!

Nigel McIlrath considers the objection to Christianity that God is a moral monster.

Studies In Colossians Part 14 – Group Photo

Geoff McIlrath concludes this series of studies by considering Colossians ch4 v 7-18.

Lessons From A Dinner Party

Patric Kells examines the parables of the wedding feast and the great banquet told by Jesus and preserved by Luke in chapter 14.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 7 – Substitution and Imputation

Nigel McIlrath considers the concepts of Substitution and Imputation.

Studies in Colossians Part 13 – Persistence in Prayer and Our Obligation to Outsiders

Geoff McIlrath examines Colossians ch4 v 2-6

Key Salvation Concepts Part 6 – Justification

Nigel McIlrath looks at the topic of our Justification before God.

Studies in Colossians Part 12 – Life’s Core Relationships and the Lordship of Christ

Geoff McIlrath examines Colossians ch3 v 18 – ch4 v 1.

Studies In Nehemiah Part 5 – Nehemiah’s Return

Nigel McIlrath concludes his series on the Book of Nehemiah.

Feeding of The 5,000 – Jesus’ Blueprint For Service

Geoff McIlrath examines the implications of this miracle for Christian service.

Studies In Colossians Part 11 – Corporate Identity and Community Cohesion

Geoff McIlrath examines Colossians ch3 v 12-17.

Christianity Is Oppressive!

Nigel McIlrath considers the objection that Christianity is Oppressive.

Studies In Colossians Part 10 – Life In Which Christ Is All And In All

Geoff McIlrath examines Paul’s letter to the Colossians (Chapter 3 v 1-11).

Key Salvation Concepts Part 5 – Reconciliation

Nigel McIlrath discusses reconciliation to God through Christ.

Studies In Nehemiah Part 4 – Nehemiah’s Example

Nigel McIlrath continues his series of studies in the Book of Nehemiah.

Studies In Colossians Part 9 – Christ And Counterfeit Spirituality

Geoff McIlrath examines Colossians ch2 v 16-23.

Religion Does More Harm Than Good!

Nigel McIlrath considers the objection that religion does more harm than good and investigates if this objection can be turned around used as a signpost which actually points to Christ.

Studies In Colossians Part 8 – Complete In Christ

Geoff McIlrath examines how the Christian Believer is complete in Christ.

Key Salvation Concepts – Expiation

Nigel McIlrath examines the doctrine of expiation as part of God’s work of salvation.

Five A Day!

A suggestion for Easter week by Geoff McIlrath.

Resurrection Matters (1)

Jesus’ resurrection confirms His identity as the Son of God.

Resurrection Matters (2)

Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates God’s acceptance of his sacrifice.

Resurrection Matters (3)

Jesus’ resurrection declares His appointment as humanity’s Judge.

Resurrection Matters (4)

Jesus’ resurrection transforms lives today!

Resurrection Matters (5)

Jesus’ resurrection guarantees His people’s resurrection.

No Thanks!

The curious case of George Wilson.

The Resurrection And Our Work For God

In this Easter presentation Geoff McIlrath examines the practical implications of Christ’s resurrection and our own.

What’s Happening?

Geoff McIlrath gives an update on what’s happening at Castlereagh Fellowship.

Reaching Out

Sharing the Good News of Christ in 2020 / 2021.

By Geoff McIlrath.

A Suggestion

In this video Geoff McIlrath makes the suggestion…. “Why not read The Bible?”

A Thank You

By Geoff McIlrath

Studies In Colossians Part 7

Geoff McIlrath looks at Paul’s concern for the Christians at Colosse.

The Holy Spirit In The Life of The Believer – Part 3

Carson Elliott concludes his series on The Holy Spirit In The Life of The Believer.

The Holy Spirit In The Life of The Believer – Part 2

Carson Elliott continues his series on The Holy Spirit In The Life of The Believer.

The Beatitudes Part 2

Patric Kells concludes his series on the Beatitudes.

The Holy Spirit In The Life of The Believer – Part 1

Carson Elliott commences a three-part series on the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian believer.

Studies In Nehemiah Part 3 – Nehemiah’s Enemies

Nigel McIlrath explores the activities of Nehemiah’s enemies and his response to them.

Studies In Colossians Part 6

Geoff McIlrath explores Paul’s ministry for The Church in Colossians ch1 v 24-29.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 3 – Propitiation

Nigel McIlrath examines the doctrine of Propitiation.

The Beatitudes Part 1

Patric Kells teaches on the “Beatitudes” from Matthew’s account of Christ’s “Sermon On The Mount”.

Studies In Colossians Part 5

Geoff McIlrath continues this series of studies in Colossians and deals with the subject of Reconciliation.

Nehemiah Part 2 – Nehemiah’s Project

Nigel McIlrath considers Nehemiah’s Project – the building of the walls of Jerusalem.

Studies In Colossians Part 4

Geoff McIlrath looks at the subject of contemplating Christ from the book of Colossians.

The Scriptures Are Still Relevant

Through the lens of Job Chapter 28, Marty Cowan discusses why the Scriptures are so important to us today.

Studies In Colossians Part 3

Geoff McIlrath deals with the topic of Praying for Progress from the book of Colossians.

Key Salvation Concepts Part 2 – Redemption

Nigel McIlrath considers the subject of the Redemption accomplished by Christ on the cross.

Studies In Colossians Part 2

Geoff McIlrath considers the theme of Gospel-Generated Thanksgiving from the book of Colossians.

The Trials of Christ Part 2 – The Roman Governor Pilate

Stephen Shaw concludes this two-part series on the Trials of Christ by considering His interrogation by the Roman Governor Pilate.

The Trials of Christ Part 1 – The High Priest

Stephen Shaw presents the first talk in a two part series dealing with the trials of Christ. In this talk Stephen discusses the appearance of Christ before the High Priest.

Studies In Colossians Part 1 – Introduction

Geoff McIlrath introduces a series of studies in the Book of Colossians.

Nehemiah Part 1 – Nehemiah’s Burden

Nigel McIlrath starts of a series of studies on the book of Nehemiah. In this study he considers Nehemiah’s burden.

Key Salvation Concepts – Introduction

Nigel McIlrath Introduces a series exploring key salvation concepts.